Prices depend upon cookie size and decorating complexity

Because of this, quoting takes some time and it is faster and more accurate to know what budget you have in mind beforehand.  I can tell you where my pricing begins and can then tailor the quote to your specific design needs:

Prices (for 3 colours and a simple design like polka dots) start at:

  • 1.5" (mini cookies) start at $1.50
  • 2" start at $2.50
  • 3" start at $3.50
  • 4" start at $4.50
  • 5" start at $5.50
  • 6" start at $6.50

**Orders are first come, first served and are considered booked when payment has been received by the required date. Sorry, no exceptions.

Keepsake and Centrepiece Edible Art

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Favour Packaging

Professionally packaged cookies in a heat sealed cellophane bag and tied with ribbon in colour of your choice. Favour packaging costs

  • $0.25 each for curling ribbon
  • $0.50 each for satin, rafia or grosgrain ribbon.


Shipping is available in Canada and the USA for edible cookies. Cookie keepsake art (not meant to be eaten) can be shipped anywhere in the world barring customs restrictions.  ** I am not responsible for the condition of the cookies once they are shipped.  I take great effort that the cookies are well packaged to survive travelling however I cannot guarantee how they will be treated once they leave my hands.

The purchaser is responsible for all shipping related costs, including packaging materials (box, bubble wrap, etc) and a separate handling fee of $10 to cover my gas, time packaging and going to post. 

I can provided a shipping quote when I have an idea of how many cookies and what size (for box size and weight estimates).